бебешко спално чувалче 2
бебешко спално чувалче
бебешко чувалче

Sleeping bags

The baby bags of Bebetech have excellent thermal insulation, thanks to Polartec® Alpha®. All bags are multifunctional – they can be used both as a blanket for your baby and as a play mat. The width is adjustable with a removable belt, which is fastened with two wooden buttons. It is suitable for babies from 6 to a maximum of 18 months of age.

Sleeping bags

“BebeTech” baby sleeping bags are made of high quality materials, and their excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed with the use of Polartec® Alpha®! Restful and healthy sleep is one of the prerequisites for the well-being of every child, so the design of the sleeping bag is created in such a way that the child cannot unwind.

Sleeping bags for strollers and car seats

Baby bags for stroller and car seat of the BebeTech brand are designed to be easy to attach and to be suitable for every season. The changeable and cool weather should not be an obstacle for you to go for a walk, but it is obligatory for the child to be well equipped according to the season.