OdorMa Laska® is an innovative product that contributes to the tranquility of babies who are not in the immediate vicinity of their mothers.

Getting to know the outside world is a big stress for newborn babies and even more so for premature babies. So far, being with mom is what calms them down and makes them feel safe.

It has been scientifically proven that after birth a baby’s sense of smell is very strong. Through their sense of smell, babies recognize their mothers, even though they cannot yet see them clearly,  they calm down and feel in a safe and cozy place. They can even distinguish the aroma of breast milk from that of another mother.

Providing a mother’s presence to the baby through the mother’s smell soothes him. According to scientific research, babies left near a source of such a smell react positively and sleep more peacefully. Thus, OdorMa Laska® gives the mother the opportunity to organize her daily life, which is not directly related to the presence of the baby, since it is significantly less restless and does not need her full attention as often.

OdorMa Laska® is a product that soothes babies in a way that is easy for mothers and gentle on children, which in turn leads to the acceleration of the development of babies, including physical, emotional, mental, as well as their skills.

The OdorMa Laska® product is made of a special material of natural origin to be worn by the mother as a bra to absorb her smell. After that, it is placed on the pillow in close proximity to the baby, so that he can feel and smell the mother’s smell and this will calm him down.

There are many scientific publications that describe the influence of the mother’s scent on the baby. The baby is calmer in this situation because it smells its mother, the German Research Foundation reports after studying the brain activity of seven-month-old children. When it comes to smelling, it is apparently not necessary for the mother to be with the child at all in order to calm him down. It is enough to have her t-shirt, her shirt next to him. Positive brain activity is then observed. The entire experiment is published at www.biorxiv.org.

Another study published in the journal “Infancy” states that the smell of the mother has a remarkable effect on the behavior of the baby. For example, a mother’s smell can reduce emotional stress in babies and promote calm states, and the scent of a mother’s breast causes babies born before 3 days to open their eyes. In addition, the mother’s odor can elicit positive affect and induce coordinated action through prenatal and neonatal processes.
Overall, these findings clearly indicate that maternal
smell contributes significantly to sensory awareness as well as the emergence of social knowledge in early childhood.

On 04/29/2013, Turkish scientists published an article in the “3 Journal of Clinical Nursing” entitled “The effect of individualized developmental care practices on the growth and length of hospitalization of premature infants: effect of maternal odor and infant position”. In their study, which evaluated the effectiveness of the smell of breast milk in the transition to full oral feeding in premature infants, found that stimulation by the smell of breast milk accelerated the transition to total oral feeding and shortened the length of hospitalization.

A 1998 study from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine assessed responses to maternal odor. It is provided differently for 1 minute in crying, sleeping or awake newborns. The results show that crying babies stop crying when they smell their own mother. Awake babies respond to their own mother’s smell by opening their mouths.
These results suggest that there is a clinical benefit for infants to smell the mother’s scent because it is able to reduce crying. Studies also show a positive effect of the mother’s smell on feeding and the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

After all these research and studies, we are sure that the OdorMa Laska® product will benefit both mothers and babies. Our team of mothers put all their love into creating OdorMa Laska® to help other mothers.