Baby, summer sleeping bag, poplin and viscose

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Viscose is a fabric that is produced from cellulose. As a fabric, it is close to cotton and linen. Viscose is the perfect material for summer, as it does not steam the human body, but on the contrary – has a breathable effect that allows the body to breathe and feel perfect during sleep.

The cotton and viscose summer bag is:

Extremely comfortable to wear – with buttons on the shoulders and a side zip for easy changing of shoes.
Made in Bulgaria
In two sizes: 0-6m. and 6-12 m.
TOG 1 (Thickness is most often defined in Tog. The higher the number, the thicker the sleeping bag. For example, Tog 1 is perfect for summer and is lighter, while tog 2.5 is thicker and will keep you warm on colder winter days.)